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Chambres d'hôtes à La Réunion

We would like to thank you for choosing Villa Galabé et Tafia and look forward to helping you make the most of your stay!
You will find below some useful information to guide you throughout your stay. 


Weather and practical advice

Sunset around 7pm in summer 6pm in winter
Sunrise from 5.30am on 21 December (summer solstice) to 7am on 21 June (winter solstice). The maximum length of daylight is 13.30 hours in December and the minimum is 11 hours in June
Réunion sets its clock to GMT+4. The time difference between London and La Réunion is 4 hours (October to March) and 3 hours (March to October)


The weather on La Réunion varies greatly depending on the micro-region and altitude. There's bound to be sunshine somewhere!
Weather bulletin: 0892 68 08 08
Cyclone warning point: 0897 65 01 01
Météo France (forecasts): 3250


La Réunion, a green and eco-responsible island

La Réunion, a paradise island in the heart of the Indian Ocean, has naturally limited energy and water resources.
We therefore strive to limit the impact of our activity on our environment


Our domestic hot water is produced solely by the sun
Villa Galabé et Tafia is equipped with self-consuming photovoltaic panels on the roof
All our lighting is low-consumption LEDs
The saltwater swimming pool is heated only when necessary and during the hours when the sun is strongest
Your ecotourist gesture ?
Use the air-conditioning only when necessary and when you are present, keeping the doors and windows closed


All the plants in the garden are grown locally and require very little watering.
All the taps are fitted with aerators to reduce the flow rate
Toilet flushes are fitted with dual-flow systems
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Tap water is safe to drink. We provide you with a Thermos flask of fresh water. Don't hesitate to ask for a refill !


We limit the use of disposable packaging (breakfast, shower gel, water, etc.)
We favour short distribution channels (markets), without over-packaging 
We sort plastic, paper and cardboard, as well as organic waste and glass
The recycling bins are located outside, in the courtyard. The compost bin is in the garden
Your ecotourist gesture ?
When hiking, walking or at the beach, take your rubbish with you so that it can be easily sorted !

Facilities and services

The swimming pool is freely accessible (outdoor shower at deck level). Don't hesitate to ask us for a pool towel!
A hairdryer is provided in the bathroom
Smart TV (Galabé): you can connect your Netflix, Amazon Prime or other accounts


Long stays
Bed linen and towels changed every 3 days
Cleaning is also carried out every 3 days (leave free access to the room)
Laundry service if required (washing and drying package €10)

Meals & Breakfast  

Dinner is served under the veranda at 7pm
Breakfast is served under the veranda between 7am and 9.30am
If you are leaving early, we can prepare a packed breakfast for you, to be booked before 6pm the day before
The list of allergens is available. Don't hesitate to ask!
Picnic basket for 2 people, exclusively on order the day before your arrival, consisting of 2 sandwiches, 2 pieces of seasonal fruit, 2 cereal bars, accompanied by 2 drinks (beer, water or soft drinks), 20€

For everyone's comfort, please do not eat in the rooms or store perishable food in them
Ashtrays are available in the outside areas (terraces)
Smoking is not permitted in rooms or indoors


Rooms must be vacated by 10 a.m.
The balance can be paid by contactless credit card or in cash

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